The Celtic view of the world beyond death

Under the influence of Christianity some Druids and Bards became Christian priests, evident in that only these types could have transferred such Celtic knowledge to writing. There exists a vast body of knowledge… Continue reading

Paintings of Mati Klarwein

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SANTANA: ABRAXAS – Full Album Remastered Mati Klarwein I came about learning of Mati Klarwein through the backdoor, you might say.  His famous paintings decorate several…

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Originally posted on Star in the Stone:
“There is a sleeping tiger within each of us; gently awakened, it is eager to seize the day.” ~Laurie “Tiger” Desjardins Zen sticks are short rods…

words of others | on photography

words of others.   via words of others. ~Susan Sontag ~ Recently, photography has become almost as widely practiced an amusement as sex and dancing – which means that, like every mass art… Continue reading

No mention of the common cold| Halliday on Hegel and Antemath

The preface is a quote from Hegel, a very important German philosopher. Who I based my master’s thesis on. He is a very difficult man to read. In English. I can’t imagine he… Continue reading

Three Muses

“Muses Fusion” an original artwork by Kimberly Borchardt.


The nature of the folds embedded in a perfect origame means each crease has a purpose and a place in the design. Unfortunately, in origami, there is no room for error.

Terra Firma!

How difficult can it be, to simply to name a blog something original!  All the good names are already taken!!! I had several sophisticated ideas to try on my first attempts.  Even ones… Continue reading