The Celtic view of the world beyond death

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The Celts offer a unique source of philosophy to those that study them. The Celts had a concrete philosophy that was passed down the generations through the oral…

Paintings of Mati Klarwein

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SANTANA: ABRAXAS – Full Album Remastered Mati Klarwein I came about learning of Mati Klarwein through the backdoor, you might say.  His famous paintings decorate several…

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Originally posted on Star in the Stone:
“There is a sleeping tiger within each of us; gently awakened, it is eager to seize the day.” ~Laurie “Tiger” Desjardins Zen sticks are short rods…

words of others | on photography

words of others.   via words of others. ~Susan Sontag ~ Recently, photography has become almost as widely practiced an amusement as sex and dancing – which means that, like every mass art… Continue reading

No mention of the common cold| Halliday on Hegel and Antemath

The preface is a quote from Hegel, a very important German philosopher. Who I based my master’s thesis on. He is a very difficult man to read. In English. I can’t imagine he… Continue reading

Three Muses

“Muses Fusion” an original artwork by Kimberly Borchardt.


The nature of the folds embedded in a perfect origame means each crease has a purpose and a place in the design. Unfortunately, in origami, there is no room for error.

Terra Firma!

How difficult can it be, to simply to name a blog something original!  All the good names are already taken!!! I had several sophisticated ideas to try on my first attempts.  Even ones… Continue reading